Meet The Pastors
Take the opportunity to meet the pastors of several of the churches that SAM has started!

Pastor Tony Gomez and his wife Beatriz Gomez
Pastor Carlos Alvarado Cardenas and his wife Hermelinda Gutierrez Ortiz
Church: Iglesia Bautista de San Jose, Durango Mexico
Church Membership: about 20 adults, plus children
Prayer Requests: "Pray for my wife and I to be soul winners. Pray that God will use us mightily. Pray that God will provide for our needs and the needs of the church. Pray for our daughter."
Pastor Francisco Robles
Pastor Hector Padilla Vargas and his wife Amparo Morales de Padilla
Church: Iglesia Bautista Biblica de La Gracia de Lerdo, Durango
Church Membership: 60
Prayer Requests: "Pray for the members of the church. Pray for Mexico. Pray for the area where the church is located. Pray that God will give us the power we need to reach many souls for Christ."
Pastor Isidro (Pepe) Morales Herrera and his wife Rosina Morales
Church: La Iglesia Hispana Bautista Biblica de La Gracia de Grant (Grant, Michigan, USA)
Pastor Juan Ramos and family
Pastor Jose Pilar Valenciana and his wife Uribe Valenciana
Church: Iglesia Bautista Biblica de La Gracia de Ciudad Juarez, Durango
Pastor Jose Luis Bonilla Vaquera
Church: Iglesia Bautista de Jalisco, Coahuila
Church Membership: 100
Prayer Requests: "Pray that God would continue working and allow the work to go forward. Pray that we would be able to finish construction on our church building. Pray for spiritual growth in our lives and in the church members' lives. Pray that teachers will be raised up from the church and sent out. Pray for many souls to be won to Christ. Pray for Guillermo to continue to improve in the area of musical skill to serve in the church." Special Request: Pastor Jose's wife left him when he gave his life to Christ Jesus and she took their two small children with her when she left. Her heart is very hard toward the things of Christ. Please pray for her salvation and for the children's salvation as well.
Pastor Juan Moreno Vital and his wife Maria de Los Angeles Boca Negra Dias
Church: Iglesia Bautista de Picardias, Durango
Church Membership: 60
Prayer Requests: "Growth (both spiritually and in numbers); that we would keep on working; transportation; that we will be able to finish the church building."
Pastor Leonardo Avila Garcia and his wife Emma Peralez Huerta
Church: Iglesia Bautista de Nazareno, Durango
Church Membership: about 272 adults and 250 children
Prayer Requests: "Pray that God will give us His power so that we can win more souls. Pray for His Grace to plant more churches. Pray for our family. Pray for the church to be strengthened."
Pastor Lazaro Holguin Gomez, his wife Marta and family
No picture available Pastor Cruz Morones Morales and his wife Estela Carreon de Morones
Church: Iglesia Bautista de Apodaca, Nuevo Leon
Pastor Tereso Rosales Gonzales and his wife Julia Martinez Peralez
Church: Iglesia Bautista de La Victoria, Coahuila
Church Membership: about 35 adults, plus children
Prayer Requests: "Pray for our family and the brothers and sisters in the church. Pray for the new churches and their pastors. Pray for the conversion to Christ of the people in La Victoria and the surrounding villages. Pray that God will give us His Grace in our daily living and in winning souls. Pray for the U.S., Mexico, and Israel. Pray for spiritual revival in those countries."