Spanish American Mission is dedicated to the belief that the best way to reach and win native Mexicans to Christ is through the training and sending forth of Mexican people. SAM was founded in 1961 as a way to enable funding for the founder of the work in Mexico, Tony Gomez Sr., to grow his ministry of reaching native Mexicans for Christ. His son, Tony Gomez Jr. now carries on the work, and, like his father, is driven to win others to Jesus Christ.
Today, the mission supports, in part, ten Mexican pastors, plus providing full support for Tony Gomez. Besides the pastors, we have recently taken on some support for seven teachers in the school, plus the school administrator. We are trying to increase support for these people currently. We consider some 26 churches in Mexico as "ours", with the overall administration through Tony . Our quarterly newsletter goes to 17 states and has a distribution of about 350. Interested? Contact Us for more information on how to support Spanish American Mission!

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